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About the Customer Service and Sales World Awards

One common way to view it, is that customer support is the scope of what support you provide (what, who, how, etc.). Customer service is a measure of how well you provide support. Your customer support methodology, should be robust enough, to ensure that every customer that needs support, can get it. The solution varies for every application requiring support. Some may lend better to self-serve, and some may be highly dependent on one-to-one support agent interactoi0n. Still others, are going to be a mix of those approaches. Your goal should be to build a customer support structure, that allows you to deliver exceptional customer service, every time. As we have all experienced at some point, no response, slow response and "it's not my job" type of responses to support requests, are not good customer service. Good customer service, is making sure the need is satisfied, no matter how or where it is received, or who received it.

Companies are always trying to provide the best products and services to their customers. When they listen to their customer needs, they are able to build better products and provide better services. We call this building bridges that connect the companies and customers together. And if that bridge could benefits both t it must be a golden bridge.

Even though companies of every size participate, we are not looking for out-of-this-world achievements. In fact start-ups and large established companies have an equal chance of getting the judges attention if your story is well written, brief, to the point and highlights achievements clearly. So prepare draft copies of your content before submission, review and then submit. Sometime a nomination may be suitable for more than one category, which increases the chances of becoming a finalist and winner.

Winners at the awards banquet receive plaques and trophies made by the same company that makes the actual Oscar®, Emmy®, and other major awards.

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